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Update 4: 8 Comparisons, 2 Writings, 1 Redesign, 1 Link

May 22, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #4


I'm working hard on the second set of codec comparisons,
and I just confirmed that I will be able to evaluate EPAC
in about a week. This will be very exciting as it could
very well be the first set of public, independant tests
on EPAC. I'm working hard on writing some code to automate
the display of the second round of tests -- I'm making a
backend database with the comparisons so on the web page
you will be able to pit two formats head-to-head with a
given sample or at a given bitrate. Included in the
review should be: MP3, AAC, AC-3 (just a touch), VQF,
RealAudio G2, EPAC, MS Audio 4, and QDesign Music Codec
Version 2 (in QuickTime 4). If I manage to crunch through
all of this, it will be the most comprehensive comparison
on the web. Please pray that I don't flunk my classes. =)

-----<< THE MP3 ARTIST >>

A short piece that I wrote for PLUG.COM geared towards
explaining to artists why and how they should put their
music on the web and get plugged in.



I'm not sure that trying to protect music through
cryptography is a viable idea. Work on a special
format that the RIAA has been trying to create, called
"SDMI" (The Secure Digital Music Initiative) is going
slowly and, in my opinion, won't make it.


-----<< SITE REDESIGN >>

I'm at the drawing boards conceiving of a new site
layout that should bring more useful information
to you in fewer clicks and make the site more of
an integrated whole. Feel free to ping me with


I've started to involve myself with the "Free
Expression" project. They're working on a new
client-server infrastructure for audio delivery,
effectively replacing RealNetworks' proprietary
system with one that is free and OpenSourced.


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