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Update 5: EPAC Struggles, New Writings

May 31, 1999

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Subject: EPAC Struggles, New Writings
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<david.weekly.org> Update #5


I received the professional versions of Liquid Audio and
RealAudio, courtesy the respective companies. I'm still
waiting on EPAC pending certain negociations, and I'm
also in process of creating some key samples with which
to test the formats. I'll definitely send word when I
get a breakthrough on the EPAC front, possibly more news
on this within the week.

-----<< LEADERSHIP >>

Just for kicks, I wrote a brief piece on why I think
that leadership in corporate America is going to change,
and for the better:


-----<< SITE REDESIGN >>

I'll be working on constructing a new PHP3-automated
interface to help me publish cool-looking content
more easily. My intermediate designs will be up at:


Please don't publish this URL, as the content and
layout (and maybe even location!) will be changing

-----<< NEWS.WEEKLY.ORG >>

I've recently setup a quick script or two to post URLs
that I've found intriguing along with a quick piece of
commentary. I'll be expanding this codebase to allow
you people to vote on how much you liked the article
and to comment on it, too, like Slashdot.org. Right
now the site is pretty bare & simple, though.


-----<< CODEC NEWS >>

I'm most the way through implementing my own
perceptual audio coder for Music 422. Whew!
This is hard work. I've got good 6:1 compression
and mediocre 8:1. Not exactly AAC or anything,
but it is satisfying to know that I made it.

Source will be made available.

-----<< FEEDBACK >>

Do you guys like this newsletter? Do you find it
useful? Do you throw it out or do you read it?
Is it too long? Too short? Do I send it too often
or not enough? What content do you like/not like?

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