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Update 3: Audio Update Redux!

May 08, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #3

-----<< MP3 BOOK >>

Looks like I've been signed with Prima Publishing to write a
book on MP3s and the new wave of digital audio distribution.
I'm excited! More information about the book will become
available bit by bit. (No pun intended.) The eventual web
site for the book will be @ TheMP3Book.com.


Over 17,000 people have seen the audio report so far!
I'll be continuing work on the codec comparisons once I
receive software from various companies to perform my
second round tests. I found the shareware AAC encoders to be
absolutely awful. Stay away from them. They will not give
AAC a fair chance. VQF encodings seem to be of better-than
MP3 quality but take about 10x longer to compress. The
QDesign Music Codec 2, which is used in QuickTime 4, took
the longest of all to compress and produced some of the
poorest results. Before I publish that, I'm waiting for an
engineer from QDesign to respond to my findings.
Incidentally, I have less than $15 in my bank account right
now and am kind of hungry: if any of you would be so kind as
to send cookies, cash, or even just friendly letters, the
gods would smile kindly upon you and I'd give you a mention
in the report. =)

-----<< WRITINGS >>

I wrote a short article exclusively for the website on
why I think that XML is doomed to failure, despite its
hype: http://david.weekly.org/writings/xml.shtml

-----<< NEWS >>

Don't forget that my "news" page is pretty frequently
updated. I will try to keep these emails to around 1-2
per month so as not to clog your inboxes. More frequent
updates are at: http://david.weekly.org/news.shtml

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