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Update 2: Audio Update!

April 23, 1999

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Subject: Audio Update!
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<david.weekly.org> Update #2

-----<< AUDIO TESTS >>

For those of you haven't already scoped the tests, check out
http://david.weekly.org/audio/ for a comprehensive comparison
of MP3, RealAudio, and the new MS Audio version 4 codec. I'm
going to add a bunch of new tests in the next week or so,
thanks to a dedicated band of volunteer encoders. If you'd
like to join this band, hit reply and say you're interested.
We'll be putting out a mishmash of AAC, VQF, QuickTime4, MP2,
MP3, RealAudio, and MS Audio 4 tests and will present the
most widescale suite of comparison's the Net has ever seen.


I'm taking Music 422 (Digital Audio Coding) here at Stanford
from Marina Bosi, one of the co-writers on the MP3 whitepaper.
I'm going to be working on making an opensourced audio codec
for the world to use. Maybe it will be awful. But we'll see
what happens. =) I'll keep you posted on this.

-----<< SITE REDESIGN >>

I'm considering re-laying out the site. While it will keep
its graphic-free and "blue table" look and feel that has
characterized the site, I will focus on making navigation
easier and more straightforward and bubbling interesting
content up to the front page. If any of you would like to
submit ideas for layout changes or pointers as to what I
could improve, please hit reply and tell me what you think.
Also, I'm updating the "News" page quite frequently, so
check there for the latest on Dave.

-----<< CODE UPDATE >>

Not much new code on the site recently, but I did update
and repackage the Rio tools v1.06 in a nice .tar.gz and
will .rpm it as soon as I have some time. (The current
.rpms are for v1.03.)

-----<< WRITINGS >>

I added the Be Adventure story and my third Audio
Explosion column (on various codecs in the industry).

-----<< WEB CAM >>

Notably, you can now see dave live! 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week. Actually, you can see me whenever I'm in front of
my computer and don't point the camera away from me. =)
You can also look at the last hour in 5-minute increments
and the last 12 hours in hour increments. These things are
fun! If I look like I'm not smiling, send me an ICQ message
to make me laugh. =)

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