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Update 8: Krazy Kliffs, Alex Blok, Music Psychology, No EPAC

August 05, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #8

-----<< Krazy Kliffs >>

Oh dear. =) Dave did some insane hiking in the Sierras. It was SO
beautiful up there.


-----<< New Writings >>

I've interviewed Alex Blok, who very well may be the Original
Music Man. Alex was thinking about solid-state portable players
a full decade before the MP-Man, Rio, or Nomad. Check it out!


I've also written up my opinion as to why online music sales
have not yet been completely realized: it's not a technology
problem, but a people problem.


-----<< EPAC Update >>

The deal that I had been rumoring to happen a full 2 months
ago officially fell through. =/ I may or may not get to test
EPAC, and if I do I certainly will not be able to hand out
audio samples unless I do some interesting trickery. This
was pretty disappointing...I may pick up the codec reviews
for the other formats though, if people are still interested.

-----<< Book Progress >>

I got my contract in the mail and now have an ISBN, which
means that my book is officially happening! I'm a tad
scared but also excited!

-----<< Radio Talk Show >>

I was on Jack Moffit's AudioToday program last night with
Gene Hoffman, the President/CEO of eMusic (a very froody
guy): have a listen if you are interested in the general


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