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Update 9: List Archives, ISBN, Aris & SDMI, Community Audio, Links

August 13, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #9

-----<< Introduction >>

There are now exactly 2^8 (256) people on my mailing list.
Hello, everyone! If this is your first <d.w.o> update, check
out the online archive of past updates:


I retouched the front page and added a bunch of new sections
to the sidebar. (Which the more astute of you will realize is
now alphabetically sorted...) Please feel free to give
feedback on any or all of these changes.

-----<< ISBN >>

"MP3 and Internet Audio: Cut Through the Hype" (the working
title to my book) now has an International Serial Book
Number: ISBN 0-7615-2484-3. This means that the book is
officially registered as having begun development! Cool,
but now I have to go and write the thing... =)

-----<< Aris & SDMI >>

The SDMI committee decided last week on which technologies
they would incorporate into the specification. But they
listed only one compliant watermarking technology: Aris!
This means that Aris now has a virtual monopoly on the
future of music. =/


-----<< Community Audio >>

Just for kicks, I've put up a little community audio board,
courtesy PageTalk. Go to the page, hear the current message,
then leave your own message for the next guy! =)


I'm thinking about adding the ability for people to submit
commentary on articles on my website. What do you all think?
I'm also looking at a general text board, live chat (at
scheduled times) and live audio chat (also at scheduled
times): sound good/awful/great/stupid? Tell me what you
think and I'll act on it.

-----<< Links >>

I've added a section with links to various interesting
sites, including my regular chills, places that post
my articles, and media snippets. More sections may be
popping up soon, and if at least 5 people on this list
request it, I'll add a section for "websites of people
on my mailing list!" =)

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