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Update 7: New Site! New Writings! Oh My!

June 28, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #7

-----<< NEW SITE >>

Come check out the completely new and fresh site redesign! It has
been in the works for months, and now, after a week solid of hacking,
it's finally online! Come, play! There are too many changes to list!


-----<< NEW WRITINGS >>

While in process of redesigning my site, I ran across some classic
content that I never had put up. They were all written in 96. I've
added these to the writings index, so go read them:

My Salutorian Speech

I Carry - creative writing on the things that define me

The Knee-Jerk - an essay on the unconstiutionality of
the Communications Decency Act of 1996:

Trial By Fire - about my boarding school experience

Seat 11-C - a short writing on a woman sitting in seat
11-C, sitting across from me.


I also redid the backed to my site to do everything in
PHP3, as you may have noticed. Go to PHP.net if you
want to learn how you can integrate this cool technology
into your own site!

-----<< BOOK PROGRESS >>

The first chapter and introduction are done, and I'm just
getting into beginning the meat of the book. Crunch, crunch!
It's already the longest piece of English I've ever written.
As mentioned before, the book will be released for free on
the Internet in HTML.

-----<< COMPANY >>

Looks like I'm going forward on starting a company. I can't
say what it's about other than it's a new-style play in the
Internet audio space, but the idea has been valued at $3M,
and we may be bringing some very high-powered people on
board soon.

-----<< EPAC >>

EPAC is taking longer than I thought to acquire, but we are
*very* close to a deal. These people are very uptight about
how their software gets released!

-----<< CONSULTING >>

I'm now officially consulting for Casio Research and MyPlay,
both of which have some absolutely spunky-fun people around.
Plus, this should pay well and ensure that I can put food on
the table. I'm down to $35 in the bank now...=/ I hope I
don't starve before somebody sends me a paycheck!

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