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Update 6: EPAC Coming, MP3 Summit, Collaborative Filtering

June 20, 1999

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Subject: EPAC Coming, MP3 Summit, Collaborative Filtering
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<david.weekly.org> Update #6


I have reserved CodecReview.com and have begun work on
the backend database that will allow head-to-head
comparisons of various audio codecs. If you would like
to help with the encoding process (it's lengthy), I'd
much appreciate it, and you'd get prominently mentioned
in the credits. =)

EPAC is still in the works, but a deal is definitively
on its way. Lucent has had this locked up for the last
decade or so, so they're a little shy about releasing
samples so publicly, but rest assured, I'll break it to

-----<< 1999 MP3 SUMMIT REPORT >>

I attended the 1999 MP3 Summit and came back with some
things to chew on:



I think collaborative filtering is going to be key to the
future of the online audio industry. Read why:


-----<< SITE REDESIGN >>

I've settled on a new design for the site, which should
go into effect in the next few days, hopefully. Check it
out and tell me what you think.


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