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Update 10: Dave @ School, Article Comments, SafeX, Othello

October 03, 1999

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<david.weekly.org> Update #10

-----<< Dave @ School >>

Hello, everyone! I'm back at Stanford for my senior year
and am about to dive back into schoolwork full time. I'm
taking Advanced Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,
Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Psychology,
(I know -- a lot of introductions!), Traditions of Swing
Dancing, Intermediate Soccer, and International Technology
Management. I'm in a dorm with a bunch of fun freshmen and
am having a blast. As a result of moving back in, my phone
number has changed again: 650.497.4570.

-----<< Article Comments >>

This last month I had been effectively disconnected from
the Internet at home, which is why very little changed on
the site. However, I've now gone and implemented a cute
bit of functionality that will let you author comments on
the articles on the site. I can easily "turn it on" for
any page but have just enabled it for the writings for
which I was hoping to get a response -- visit my writings
section and bang out some thoughts! (Absolutely moronic
posts, testing posts, and flamebait will be deleted.)

-----<< SafeX / Fexnet >>

I deveoped the idea for a secure, anonymous file exchange
nework, alternately known as SafeX or fexnet, depending
on what day you ask me. =) I'll put up a web page at
www.safex.org -- the idea is listed at:


The idea is based on a number of ideas that I saw in Neal
Stephenson's Cryptonomicon that might be fun to implement.
More news on this as it develops.

-----<< Othello >>

I'm developping an "intelligent" Othello that will use AI
techniques to play against you. I've released a v0.01 that
really just is a simple console interface and a simplistic
depth-3 search algorithm, but I'm bad enough at Othello
that it is still an interesting challenge. (It's very good
at the first 1/2 of the game but it breaks down during
mid-game and becomes very easy to beat.) The AI (and
interface!) should be rapidly improving as development


Among other things, I'm considering a web-based interface...

Enjoy life, y'all! =) Send me comments if you have any.

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