work isnt wolf In a wood will not escape



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I had a weird experience today chatting with a hacker on ICQ who had taken over my friend’s account. The conversation’s too weird to have made up:

343907: David do you want a digital copy of PC Magazine?

Think: ?

343907: Who such, why in a cap, why without a cap?

343907: russian joke

Think: er…i’m not sure i get it.

343907: Read the alphabet Study to think on russian

Think: This isn’t Phantom Joe, is it.

Think: why are you hacking his account?

343907: because I am russian HACKER

Think: you are lame

Think: you’re just being rude, not cool.

Think: it’s not like ICQ account-nabbing is difficult, either.

343907: ???? i` dont understend you

Think: you’ve gone and messed up this poor guy’s account

Think: he’s a nice guy – an australian.

343907: i`m badboy from odessa

343907: Terribly?

Think: no, but he’s had to go sign up for a new account and try to remember all of his friends’ UINs. it’s just a pain, that’s all.

Think: there are much cooler ways to use your talents.

Think: you live in Odessa?

343907: yes

Think: that would make you a Ukranian hacker, not a Russian hacker. 😉

343907: In soul I russian !! Odessa only there is on Ukraine and city this Russian

343907: Well what was frightened?

Think: frightened?

343907: Fright

Think: who is frightened?

343907: you

Think: of what?

343907: because I Ukranian HACKER

Think: [sigh]

Think: absolutely shaking, yes.

Think: truth be told, i think you are a little kid who is just desperately trying to impress others.

Think: you’re talking with me because you’ve got nothing better to do with your time.

Think: i think you should just hand the account back over to my friend and put yourself to productive use.

343907: Fuck OFF

Think: i’m sorry, child.

Think: get a job.

Think: there are better ways to make money and friends.

343907: work isnt wolf In a wood will not escape

Think: eh?

343907: [russian text]

Think: i’m sorry, but my client doesn’t display Russian, nor do I understand Russian.

343907: Search the interpreter

Think: i’m sorry, but i’m at work and am a little busy.

Think: i do hope you’ll use your talents in a more productive fashion

Think: than annoying nice people that you don’t know.

343907: ok