Unfreezing The Site



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In the coming days, the now-familiar “frozen” sign should be disappearing from the site. That’s right, I’m back and I’ve got an itching to do some cool things with this site.

The simplest changes will be the usual ones: I hope to start regularly

writing essays again and posting them on my main page. I may also experiment

with some layout and organizational changes that will make it easier for

people to read my website on low-end browsers (Palm VII, Omnisky, WAP,

AvantGo, etc.) and that will make it easier for me to publish and edit

content. Don’t worry though, my site probably won’t look much different,

there won’t be graphics, and the page should stay fast-loading on a 14.4k


Once I get a house all set up and we’ve got high-speed networking installed,

I’ll probably host my server there (right now, the kind folks at iomojo are hosting it out of the

goodness of their hearts!), which will allow me to do all sorts of trippy

server-side stuff (hopefully). It will also let me bring back the now-broken

links to the actual audio samples on my codec review section.

I’ll keep you all posted as I roll out modifications! Among other things, look

for upcoming articles on peer-to-peer networking and my trip to Europe! =)