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Sexiest Geek Alive - Letter 2

February 22, 2000

Congratulations again! You have made it on to the Top 100 of the Sexiest Geeks Alive.

Please, as soon as possible send a .jpeg or .gif photo of yourself to the GeekandGuru.com webmaster at jim@bluemoon.com. Please put "Top 100 photo" into the subject line.

By Friday, Feb 25th, we will be down to the Semi-Final 24. Judging the applications has been a very, very difficult task. If you are not selected to go on the Semi Finals, know that many of the Top 100 will be posted on the GeekandGuru.com site as Honorable Sexy Geeks.

We would also like to post short videos of the Final 12 on GeekandGuru.com. The videos, photos and copy taken from your application will give online voters a more rounded portrait of whom they're voting for as Sexiest Geek Alive.

If you are selected for the Final 12, videos are not required-but they sure can't hurt. Many contestants have already submitted video and we don't want anyone to have an unfair advantage.

The videos should be short to help with the download-only 5 to 6 sentences long. So far, most of the videos we've seen are of the "vote-for-me" variety and all use humor and intelligence to play with the geek stereotype.

We will require a longer video for the Sexiest Geek Alive Pageant, March 14th. This video-7 to 10 sentences will provide cover for you as you are escorted to the stage. Some geeks are extroverted, some introverted. The videos are designed to save our more introverted brethren and sisteren from having to sing or tap dance in front of a large crowd.

Additionally, if you are selected for the Final 12, Good Morning America will contact you directly to book your hotel and flight to New York on Monday, Feb, 28th.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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