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Sexiest Geek Alive - Letter 1

February 20, 2000

Congratulations! Out of 16,709 entrants to the "Sexiest Geek Alive Contest," you have been selected to be one of the Top 500 Sexiest Geeks. We had a difficult time choosing among the 8,742 men and 7,967 women who filled out our questionnaire.

If you haven't seen some of the press surrounding this event, please check out the links at the bottom of this e-mail.

The 12 Finalists will be announced February 28th. After the announcement, Good Morning America (GMA) wants to fly all 12 Finalists to New York, host them in a hotel, then do a live in-studio interview Tuesday morning, February 29th.

GMA-among many other national media outlets-will be covering the "Sexiest Geek Alive Pageant," March 14th, in Austin, TX. The pageant will be hosted by Chase Masterson, "Leeta" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The next morning, March 15th, the GMA wants to do a live interview with the winner of the Sexiest Geek Alive Contest. Immediately after, the Montel Williams Show will fly the winner and another contestant to New York to tape a segment where the older, established Geeks will mentor some young geeks in how to have pride while the football team is chasing them through the gym. (Though I'm still holding out for Oprah.)

In the immediate future however, GeekandGuru.com and ClubCastLive.com are in the process of narrowing the Top 500 Geeks down to the Top 100, by Wednesday February 23rd.

Below are some crucial prerequisites that will determine who will be in the Final 12:

1. You must be available to fly to New York February 28th and return February 29th. GMA will pay for your airfare and hotel.

2. You must be able to be in Austin, TX, March 14th for the Sexiest Geek Alive Pageant. We will need you to arrive early to participate in the photo shoot for the "2001 Sexiest Geek Alive Calendar", distributed nationally in the fall. Unfortunately, neither GeekandGuru.com, nor ClubCastLive.com will be able to help you with airfare or accommodations this year. This event was originally created for geeks who live in Austin and those who would be coming to Austin for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and Music Festival. Who knew that this would strike such a chord in people around the world? If you are unable to come to Austin, don't worry. Next year, we will be able to arrange your flight when throw the next contest.

3. If you win the title of Sexiest Geek Alive, you must be able to fly again to New York March 15th, return March 16th. The Montel Williams' Show will pay for airfare and hotel.

Please contact me-via e-mail-immediately regarding your availability.

Sexiest Geek Alive in the media:

"That's Ms. Sexy Geek," NATIONAL POST

"Calling on the Gods, Goddesses of the Geeks," USA TODAY:

"Grrl Geeks are Sexy, Too," WIRED NEWS:

"No Poultry," USA TODAY: --scroll down to the bottom

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