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Love and Code

January 01, 1997

love is
so much like code

a crude analogy perhaps,
but to the programmer
as to the romancer
no greater highs come when all works together
and no greater lows can be found with the error

debugging is no fun,
no fun at all.

but the bugs happen with real code,
with difficult challenges.
the only way to guarantee the absence of bugs
is not to code at all;
but skill does increase with experience,
and a seasoned love-hacker may be born out of the persistance of his vision.

further yet the challenges of love,
for like a bad pointer bug,
it is non-deterministic.
fate and action combine to produce what is experienced;
but perhaps the same can be said for the insights acheived and lost
on the bloody fields of code.

nobody knows when inspiration will strike.
nobody knows whence love will spring.

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