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Peace In The Middle East

December 03, 2003

The middle east is pretty damn annoying. Specifically, the whole Israel / Palestine deal. I mean, it feels like there’s good evidence that there are a very large number of totally reasonable people on both sides who are being totally ignored by a small number of

complete assholes.

Palestinians would like to be able to work in peace in their own country, make some money, and not worry about Israeli bulldozers smashing over their house in the middle of the night.

They don’t want to have to wade through five security checkpoints just to go to work.

They’re happy to slice up Jerusalem however – they just want the whole damn thing over so they can make some $bling$ $bling$. War sucks, and money is fun. Everyone understands that.

Israelis would like to be able to work in peace in their own country, make some money, and not worry about wacko terrorists blowing themselves to bits on a bus or in a shopping mall. They don’t want to have to live in fear and terror of being in public places. They are happy to slice up Jerusalem however. They just want the whole damn thing over so they

can make some $bling$ $bling$.

The problem is the lame-ass Israeli hardliners and Palestinian extremists. These violent psychos deserve each other but should not continue to punish the innocent masses. In the same way that we’ve refused to support other terrorist regimes, the US must remove aid from Israel until a moderate government willing to work with the Palestinians is elected. Both Israeli militants and Palestinian extremists are in gross violation of human rights. I don’t see how one could reasonably be on any side of this horrorshow and I don’t understand why the US feels such a need to appear to support the Israeli hardliners. Thankfully, this trend is changing and we (and others) have begun chewing them out and even reducing their loans.

I pray for peace in the Middle East; for it to be a place of calm and prosperity for Palestinians and Israelis alike. Two nations engaging in trade, two peoples living out their years as they please. Of both groups shooting about who should get all of Jerusalem, neither deserve any of it. May the meek (moderates) inherit the earth (or at least, half of Jerusalem).

And for what it’s worth, I’m very amused whenever the Pope gets up and declares that there ought to be peace in the Middle East. As if a bunch of Jews and Muslims, slogging it out over their respective holy lands are going to stop fighting because the head of the Catholic Church asked them to. 🙂

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