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posted january 3, 2001

revised january 18, 2001

I’ve been working at home for the last two months on my own projects and doing a little consulting on the side. It’s been okay…

Actually it hasn’t been. It’s been awful. I am a team player. I love

working with other people. I come alive when on a project with others,

but when I’m on my own, I flounder.

You see, when you have 90% of your time structured, intellectually

meandering with the remaining 10% is a lot of fun, and can be very

productive. But when you’re meandering 100% of the time, you just get

lost, tired, depressed, and very, very bored. Which is about where I

am right now. I need to be utilized. I need to be part of a team,

organizing things, engineering, designing, thinking, laughing with

others. So I’ve begun a job hunt.

I’m not sure what my long term vision for the future is, but I’d like

to at some point start my own incubator, codenamed ‘Coceve.’ In line

with this, I’m going to need to find a good team of people and also

sharpen myself by being surrounded by brilliance. So I’m looking for

a fun, difficult engineering job within a reasonable commute from

San Jose, with a really good team, any size.

I program C, C++, Java, Perl, Lisp, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, PHP,

SQL, and just about anything else you want to throw at me. I do Linux,

have done MacOS, have written Win32 ditties, and have hacked on Solaris.

I write columns and analyses. I speak at conferences. I am your man.

If you’re working with a cool company, and you like what you

see on this site, here are some things to do: